Author’s Note


Well, if you’re looking for a porn in your lone time this is not the page you are looking for. 🙂

This is a sanctuary of an individual whose mind cannot linger with such peace just by looking in a distant scenery or a fluffy romance film. She has been publishing stories such as fan fictions, fictions and slices of life in and other free storytelling sites.

The Blog carries the bittersweet experiences of the author, to and fro, as she walks her way on to the different chapters of her life’s story. As well as, random thoughts while day dreaming. So keep in mind that what you are reading, may it be passionate, cheesy, bitter, or harsh, is all about the bloggers twist of emotions and subject matter.

Yes, of course. You can always comment, critic, and open up your minds here. It will help the author of this blog to deepen her understanding on a certain piece or discussion. Please tell her if there would be grammatical errors.

This blog is open for review suggestions and requested topics, just make sure to pm or talk to her via social networking sites. She doesn’t know how to bite anyway. (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Mail)

If you’re in need of a friend, she can help.

Lastly, articles written could be in Filipino or English.

Have fun reading! 😉


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