Langit, Lupa — Pulitiko

Pagbilang kong tatlo, magtago na kayo..
Langit, Lupa, Pulitiko,
Pindot gatilyo,
Sabog ang dugo.
Patay, Buhay,
Maalis ka lang diyan sa pwesto mo.
Nanay, tatay,
Gusto kong tinapay
Ate, Kuya
Gusto kong kape
Lahat ng gusto ko ay susundin niyo.
Ang magkamali..
Ay mauulit ito.
Ito– ito
Itong lamay ko.
(c) JP 9/4/2017
Some Filipino game rhymes we used to know, just tweaked some parts to give a bit of relevance.
“Three can keep a secret if two are dead”
We can always urge the public to move amass, while sitting safely with a bullet proof vest and a cup of tea.
With a touch of an innocent soul.
Antics for politics and cover ups.
Magtago na tayo.

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