Self-perception: Love defined


 (I do not own the image. Credits to the owner)

I would stare at the figure beside me, vivid memories that seem to lack her picture.

Just to tell myself, she was not there because she’ll be here.

 No expectations, a love sitting inches away from my reach.

Moments that seem to play where I asked how it would be if she’s mine occurs. I’d laugh at myself and tell,

“She’s yours now.” What else do I ask of?


I watched her. I cannot seem to avert my vision away from her figure.

She dares to look into my eyes, she dared me.

Her eyes would tell. “Look at me. Look only at me.”

I was caught from that moment.

My world would instantly fall under her gaze.

The world became her.

I’d feel her hair as it scattered around her, I’d touch her face and feel the softness of her skin.

Barely audible breathing as she exhaled; Her pink lips that seem to entice me.

I would hear my name being called.

“Don’t leave.” She whispers.

Something tugged inside me, it gave off a perfect feeling. I am in bliss.

“I won’t.” I silently answered.

Everything was surreal.

I’m making a map of her, I’d mark her image to my soul.

Her tresses that scented so sweet,  the warmth of her arms.

The voice that sends chills to my spine

She made me feel secured.

I was thinking where would my half be? I didn’t know I got it back. Again.

Only to give it all.

The risk again scared me.

Along those knights, she chose a rogue.

A dark one, her kingdom would know.

A path of thorns, this black rose would conquer.

Only to meet her.

There I find myself falling deeper

A space no one could wonder.

A shot of hysteria, the feeling plunges inside me.

Her scent trails unto my dreams, she stays on mind.

Then she owns my heart.

She owns me after all.

I just have to define how I see someone through my feels.

I’ve been controlling myself, I think I needed an outlet, here it is. lol. 😀


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