Parting Ways – Outdated


First signal:

A nostalgic feeling blooms inside my chest, my heart seems to recognize its yearning. One decision made it through.

Lying Lips

Waving of hands

Turning of heels

A last sight of each other’s figure

A lone tear none saw.

A forever memory of goodbyes.

That voice kept ringing inside me like a broken record. I hear those heartily laughs, soft sobs, and heated voices. Pushing, Pulling my heart, confused than the dance of the pendulum. My arms tried to cover my ears away from these voices, I rolled around the bed like a mad man, falling on the floor, and none took effect. My brow creased.

I wish your heart to be forever mended, I wish mine too. A judgment without your opinion, I know would benefit us through. I never considered those shouts, I intend not to.

So as not to hear your voice, and lure this heart unto the depths of our illusion, the days I have these lips curved into smile.

 Until then, I smell your perfume, a natural scent that haunts me within my place, where I sit, where I walk. Even in my clothes. This faintly fragrance digs itself down my nostrils, not wanting to let go. I grinned upon realization, I have not yet moved on.

Tears fall inverted, inside my eyes they break. Clear crystals that seem to cut my flesh, I never paid attention though. I have myself developed in simplicity, to let it slide with the river, the painful things to live in harmony.

Everything in pain I wash easily, but this. My heart seems to stitch itself with it.

My mind tells me to leave it by the river but I digress.

My heart can be with it until it eases.

My mind can conceal by each memory until it locks itself away.

But my body can’t forget.

My soul can’t.

For after parting, I left the half of it with you.




 Do you know how it hurts, to let go of someone you love?

Do you know the feeling of letting go, with the strong love you’ve nurtured for so long?

The art of strength, proved to me I’m wrong.

For what I believe the strong do not cry.

Now, I’m on my knees, with uncontrollable streams.

Now, they say I’m strong enough to let go.

I answer them.

“But I will never be strong enough to forget.”




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