” De profúndis clamávi ad te “


“Out of the depths I cry to you”

A moth dancing within flames

The burning sensation, the heat beneath its wings

Silently in pain, yearning for its light

A cry you cannot hear, a tear you cannot see

Something within the dance

The dance of love it seems to be.

I hear your cries as you call my name; your shouts tremble in my ears,

Every time I see your name, it reminds of the chains of these bitter sweet memories.

A love cannot be called love when it stops, feelings hide within time but never cease.

This play of words I give as I go, to remind the sentimental memories we shared.

As dangerous as it seems, as hard it goes.

The moth reaches to its love for light

Its wings began to mix in in ash and fright.

But its love for the light never stops, it comes slowly even in pain.

The moth began to lose its freedom, to fly away and set itself in mirth

But freedom, the moth thought is not mirth,

But the flame itself.

Slowly the moth comes closer to its love.

Flames engulf as it returns its love.

The feeling burns, the flesh scorches.

Being together is in bliss.

But prepare in pain.

For as they go together

The moth dies in the flame.

For now it seems I lost my love for you

As I see your flames go stronger as I fly away from you.

The passion of flames engulf me as I try to flew.

Flames that ask where have I gone through.

But, before then I left within your embrace.

No looking back, no flying around.

The flames grew.

It became blue.

I know I love you.

Out of the depths, I know I need you,

Out of the depths, I know I call you.

The wind beneath my wings, tells me to fly back.

But out of the depths, It’s not ticking on the clock.

The distance that covers the moth and the flame

A string that binds the attraction and repulse.

The irony of their love;

The loss they have to endure.

Until the time the moth comes back

And ease itself in the arms of its deathly love.


Note: Title itself is a quote coming from another Author. I do not own it. 😀

I just made a poem what I feel about it. Word games I guess 😉


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