“Why do you hav…

“Why do you have to keep falling on the same trap, when you know it is already there?”

“It hurts to let go, but it hurts more to hold on..” – Anon

Why do we have to endure so much pain when we know that love begets happiness?

It’s so true, love is entwined with pain, there’s no love story without conflict. But this conflict cannot just carry the whole love story, let’s say this in an easier form.

Why should we be hurt so many times by the ones we love so much?

There might be two reasons. 

We are expecting for something to happen. A change of heart, a touch of each other’s soul.

Or maybe..

We are just making fool of ourselves, telling that this pain is a part of the real love we believe. Which we do not know, has been an imitation of the kind love we seek.

Loving unconditionally is not tiring, what tires a person to love is to listen and understand beyond his limitations for the significant other’s continuous mistakes, the carelessness he has been doing. Consciously and Unconsciously.

Some people answer, “You do not love when there is no pain.”

“But it is not love when it is full of pain, how will you call pain as love when in reality there would be no understanding on the each parts?”

They say “no matter how many conflicts, as long as they understand each other, they are for each other.”

“Then if I tried coveting my neighbor, and my partner understands and tolerates. Is it still love? for my partner to me it is. but me to my partner, it is not. And if I slept with my neighbor and other neighbors.. Do you see the difference?”

It’s not just understanding that is required in pursuing love. It is also the determination to remove all arguments that you may go through in this relationship. Trust that would defend your feelings against human hindrances and emotional twists. A love that can keep up among conflicts, communication that binds even in distance, respect to each other’s right, and respect to your significant other as to how would you treat him or her, these things reflect the kind of life your having and the character you bear as you stand.

After all, we humans appreciate things right after when it is gone. Love is not like that. If you love somebody, you would find a way to reach them. You will lose your pride for them, you will lose your half because it is with them. Such a bittersweet romance sometimes needs additional sugar just to lessen the bitter part.

Love is not about pain. It is about life-worth happiness, you share a connection with someone that would last against all odds. Love doesn’t sue, it does not count the things you do for each other, but rather it counts the hour, days, and years you’ve been through as you recall your firsts.

In any way, love blooms in different circumstances, we do not know if this love is real or another imitation of our desires. One would know when his heart agrees to this other, well-taken care of, less pain, less stress. Maybe not today, nor tomorrow. You just have to keep on living, no expectations.

Because the love we’re looking for goes into the situations we do not know we will fall into. And it grows with time.


Well, this thought is something I’ve been hearing all day. I’ve seen many posts about this, i just couldn’t stop thinking. 🙂

What do you think about love then? How much pain should one endure just to say it is for love?

Why should we? 🙂


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