Last Sense

Last Look

In bliss of the moment, our eyes met. Feelings knitted flushed into short memoirs.

Do you remember the last time we shared this mutual feeling?

You’re the best sin one can have. I had.

Now, I know heaven’s limit.

Threat, it is. Yet, I overlooked.

Turn of tables, we are into each other’s illusion.  A game I am already lost.

The wind whispers, it calls your name.

Echoing inside my ears; entering through this heart.

Why would it have to be the last?

Last Touch

Dancing through the thorns, our hearts melt.

A forbidden movement, yet a sweet endearment

A puncture from the heart, a remedy of the wound

Hand me your touch, the last one.

I still feel the marks of your warmth; I know I should not live with.

A hand so pure, a touch so sweet, a feeling estranged.

I do not deserve to hold such treasure. But selfish I am.

A demon who wishes to be with an angel, an eternal battle

Why does it have to linger, when it’s goodbye?

Last Smell

An intoxication of love, a blend of bittersweet

Better than medication, best prescription

Playing your tresses, a sheet of the heart’s half.

Your smell that corresponds to my frustration, it binds my soul

The scent of my dreams leaves me sleeping.

Falling unknowingly to you, when I know you fell for the right man.

Why does it have to be with me, when I know I am not the one?

Last You

Time manipulates, it shortens our connection.

At what hour should I live to see you once again.

Lapses, the feelings I wanted to give. The feeling you should not have.

A dream I almost drown. I wish we did not hurry.

I wish you did not want to know.

Goodbye to this final moment, to this truth.

We’re lines which meet and met.

Now reaches the end.

A moment to know you this close; a memory in line of this chain

A split of idealism,

That once in the life of an unfortunate dreamer, is the story of the love

Between him and his dreams, in a short period that would last forever.




One thought on “Last Sense

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